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Chris Eubank Jr saddend by the shooting in Las Vegas.

It’s been over 10 years since Chris Eubank Jr was in Las Vegas to learn his craft, but the shocking events, where gunman Stephen Paddock, started shooting at a music festival and killing 58 people brought back terrifying memories.

Eubank Jr was sent to Vegas to a Boxing school by his father, but during his time out there he recalled his own experiences where he was almost a victim of a drive by shooting.

“Nothing can prepare you for a mass shooting of the kind that happened on Sunday, but I saw plenty of gun-play when I was at school in Las Vegas,” Eubank Jr said in an interview with The Sun.

“I was there for four years and they are a part of everyday American life. Most of the kids at High School had guns. There was one who drove around showing off an AK-47 rifle he kept in his car boot.

“The most scary experience of my life came when I was at what we used to call a Parking Lot Pimping Party. Everyone under-age would gather in cars at the mall car parks to drink, dance and chill.

“One time we were all there and I noticed this white Toyota Corolla rolling by us very, very slowly with a guy looking out of the window.

“He was clearly looking for someone in the crowd. He pulled in and then I heard a girl scream and suddenly there he was, standing about 10 yards behind me pulling out a gun.

“First he pointed it at me, so I hit the deck. Then he started blasting away over the top of me at another car. I’ll never forget it, or the way he just looked so calm as he did it.

Eubank Jr who is preparing to take on the best in Britain in the World Super Series competition, was touched by the events which happened in his build up to his last fight with Avni Yildirim, which he won in an emphatic 3rd round K.O.

“It’s a sad thing.” Said Eubank Jr

“These kids grow up using firearms in a way they shouldn’t. That’s what can lead to what happened on Sunday.”

“My heart goes out to all the people injured and killed. I just can’t get my head around how these people can commit these mindless acts of terror, they truly are the definition of cowards.”

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