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Should athletes be microchipped?

The hunt to stop drug cheats in sport has been stepped up today with Mike Miller, the chief executive of the World Olympians Association, suggestion that all athletes should be microchipped.

At the Westminster Media Forum on integrity and duty of care in sport, Miller believes that implants will serve as a better method to combat the war on drugs in sports.

As one of the country’s leading sports executives, he claimed that the technology will help track the whereabouts and movements of athletes and detect if any athletes has performance enhancing drugs in their systems.

“We need to keep in front of the cheats,” says Miller in an interview with the Telegraph.

“I believe that, in order to stop doping, we need to chip our athletes where the latest technology is there.

“Now, some people say it’s an invasion of privacy. Well, it’s a club and people don’t have to join the club if they don’t want to follow the rules.”

“The problem with the current anti-doping system is that all it says is that, at a precise moment in time, there are no banned substances.

“But we need a system which says you are illegal substance free at all times, and if there are marked changes in markers, they will be detected.

Although this will potentially solve the war on drugs, it will also raise an issue on the human rights of privacy and athlete welfare.

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