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This fight also displayed some questionable decision making, from both participants.

Both Poirier and Alvarez predominantly fight on the feet, and while it stayed there, Poirier’s superior boxing allowed him to control distance and box up Alvarez.

Until he went for two ill-judged guillotine attempts and ended up struggling on the ground.

The second time he did so, Alvarez decided it was his turn to do something stupid while in an advantageous position; he threw an illegal elbow, the fight was stood up and Poirier promptly played the sweet chin music on Alvarez’s face until the referee stopped it.

While Poirier had his own small measure of redemption, unfortunately Alvarez will have to rue an opportunity missed.

Jose Aldo, Brazilian legend at feather weight, had a ton of pressure on his shoulders coming into his fight. It could be anecdotally argued that while his status amongst MMA aficionados is secure, his influence and importance has bypassed the newer influx of fans in the McGregor era, simply because he has had a losing record in his last four fights, so he needed to win badly.

The fight itself, against dangerous American banger Jeremy Stephens, was close until the end; both fighters exchanged combinations, with Aldo getting hurt and needing to recover.

Then, with under a minute of the first round to go, Aldo set up a beauty of a body shot which likely broke one of Stephens’ ribs, and crumpled him to the floor, where some ground and pound finished the fight.

The emotion on Aldo face was evident as he cried and danced in jubilation after a much-needed victory.

The third ex-champ on the card also managed a much easier measure of redemption, as Pole Joanna Jedrzejczyk eased past American Tecia Torres with little trouble.

Despite not altering her pre-fight persona to anything more mellow, her in-cage attitude seemed refreshed; some of the old aggression has been smoothed out in favour of measured control.

One strong indicator of a fight going a fighter’s way is when one fighter starts controlling the fight in their opponent’s comfort zone; Torres is a wrestler by trade and would have expected to have some success when she got her hands on Jedrzejczyk.

No such luck – Jedrzejczyk controlled posture and didn’t allow the fight anywhere near the ground, and cruised to an easy decision.

Three ex-champions, three chances at recovery, three different outcomes. As the saying goes, there are levels to this game, and that includes decision-making in the ring.

Aldo and Jedrzejczyk passed with flying colours, Alvarez heads back to the drawing board.


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