Football: The 10 Most Dateable Players from the Premier League

Who would be in your list of 10? Football is the most beloved sport in England, and the figures for the World Cup semi-final prove it, with a record of more than 30 million people tuning in to see the three lions perform.
07 August 2018
by:   Ticketgum.com

While it’s considered to be a male dominated sport, a study by Kantar has revealed that in 2016, 33% of British women like to follow football more than ever.

As one competition ends, the Premier League is due to start in a matter of weeks, and Premier League footballers are once again the bread and butter of the footballing world. Considering that a growing number of British women like to follow football, it is not just the players’ immense talent on the pitch that impresses, but their finely chiselled and jaw-dropping looks that take centre stage. 

most dateable footballers

As a result, football ticket company, Ticketgum.com sought to find out the opinions of 1,244 British women on which players from the top Premier League teams they would date if given a chance. Ticketgum collected the data by providing the respondents with the footballers from the first team from the top 10 clubs from last seasons’ Premier League table 2017-18. From this list, the respondents were asked to choose 3 players who they were most attracted to and who they think would make a great first date. The results show that the player considered the most ‘dateable’ by British women is Fernando LLorente (52%) from Tottenham Hotspur. Following in close second is Loris Karius (50%) who plays for Liverpool.

Other notable date worthy footballers includes names such as Eden Hazard (49%) who plays for Chelsea, Deandre Yedlin from Newcastle United (49%) and Theo Walcott (46%), who plays forward at Everton.

Credit: Ticket Gum

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