Usain Bolt pops into branch of KFC in Bristol for a takeaway

Usain Bolt picks up his KFC @Louis_Anderson
06 October 2017
by:   Evening Standard

A branch of KFC in Bristol got an unlikely visitor when legendary sprinter Usain Bolt popped in for a takeaway.

Surprised Twitter user Louis Anderson snapped a photo of the Jamaican athlete with a large bag of chicken on Wednesday.

He wrote: “So just walked into KFC in Bristol, who’s stood there, it’s only Usain Bolt.”

Actor Rufus Jones appeared to confirm the news, tweeting: "Day 4 filming here in Bristol. Usain Bolt just checked in to our hotel, carrying a chicken dinner.”

Bolt, who won eight Olympic gold medals and 11 World Championship titles, has been enjoying his retirement in recent weeks.

This week he was spotted puffing on a shisha pipe during a night out in London's Mayfair, while he also posted a picture of himself cracking open a bottle of champagne in a French vineyard.

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