Boxing: Canelo Alverez banned for taking drugs or not?

Should Canelo Alvarez Get A Pass For Testing Positive For An Illegal Substance
12 April 2018

Mexican boxer, Canelo Alvarez is currently under fire after he tested positive for banned substance, Clenbuterol. Canelo however claims he ingested through “cow meat” and this may be the very reason he can walk free after two clean test results.

Like Erik Morales and other South American boxers who made use of a different banned substance but blamed it on the food they ate, Canelo would be hoping to follow in the footsteps of boxers when his hearing comes up in the coming weeks.

If Canelo is allowed to walk free, this will keep on setting a bad precedent in boxing as knowingly ingesting illegal substances or not the line must be drawn somewhere as the same regions are using the same reasons making it hard to tell who is telling the truth.

For Canelo the illegal substance found in his body, not only means that his rematch with Gennady Golovkin has been could be called off, but it also means his professional reputation could be tainted and the Mexican certainly wouldn’t want that if he wants to be listed amongst the best in the business. From all indications, he might just get his way this time AGAIN.

The fact that he is a repeat offender makes it a lot more difficult to believe his story and given the controversy that has rocked the world of sports lately, it is best to follow this through so he gets what he deserves.

A lot of stakeholders in the boxing federation believe Canelo Alvarez should be punished for his action as this will help in maintaining sanctity in boxing and giving him a pass might set a bad precedent. This will be very dangerous to the boxing competition and the world of sports as a whole.

This incident also calls to question the WBC Clean Boxing Program which has not really helped in cleaning up the sport in the way that it should because it is hard to imagine that Canelo who has a team of experts at his beck and call, ingested a banned substance unknowingly.

Although the WBC have stated that they believed he had no intentions to cheat, they cannot be sure, and they should take a hard stand against doping a sport that is not always far from controversy.


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