Dana White says Conor McGregor could get stripped of his belt

Conor McGregor has some decisions to make according to Dana White
05 January 2018

In an interview with Yahoo! Sports‘ Kevin Iole, Dana White addressed the rumours of Conor McGregors return to the cage.

“I love that matchup (against Nurmagomedov), but Tony Ferguson is the interim champion, and Conor and I haven’t really figured out when he’s coming back and what’s going on,” White said.

“So Conor has some big decisions to make here, really quick. If he waits — I don’t think Conor wants to fight until August, but if he waits until August or September, that’s around two years since the belt has been defended, and that can’t happen.”

Conor McGregor hasn’t fought in MMA since his Nov 2016 title victory over Eddie Alvarez.

Tony Ferguson has long been calling out for McGregor, but without a deal in place White has called for Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Tony Ferguson as the next fight which will put an even longer delay on McGregor's return.

“As long as Conor is willing to (book a) fight by March, we could do Khabib versus Tony,” White said.

“We could do Khabib versus Tony, and then the winner fights Conor for the title. Or if Conor doesn’t want to fight and wants to sit out until next fall, then we would have to make Khabib versus Tony for the title, not the interim title.”

Regardless of what happens with McGregor, Ferguson vs. Nurmagomedov could end up being the perfect build up for a title with McGregor so long as he has a title defence in March.

Check out Iole’s full interview with White.

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