Boxing: Is James DeGale still the best super-middleweight on the planet?

DeGale still he is the best super-middleweight on the planet – “On my best day, no one in this division can beat me”
26 March 2018

JAMES Degale is looking to right the wrongs of his last performance when he surrendered his title shockingly to underdog Caleb Truax in London last year.

The 2008 Olympic Gold medalist has returned back to U.S soil for his training headquarters for his scheduled rematch with Truax on April 7th 2018.

Degale, who had been hampered by injury leading into his fight with Traux said, “When the doctor told me that some athletes recover from that injury in six months, I had it set in my mind that I would box again in December,”

“No one was going to tell me otherwise. I rushed my injury and I wasn’t at my full fitness. I can only blame myself.”

“My mindset at the time was that I can beat Truax with no hands,”

“It was the wrong way to think. I’m an elite fighter and this is a dangerous sport. I’ve only got myself to blame.”

“This time, I’m going to make it right. My training is like night and day compared to last camp.”

‘Chunky’ James DeGale commented that he still believes that he is still the number one best fighter at the weight limit of 168 lbs.

“On my best day, no one in this division can beat me. No disrespect to Caleb Truax, but I’m a much better fighter.”


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