How Gareth Southgate plans to overcome England penalty curse

Southgate thinks outside the box to overcome England penalty curse
13 November 2017

England manager Gareth Southgate feels that putting his team through a mock penalty shootout in front of a Wembley crowd should help calm nerves which has hampered England's performance at major competitions.

In six different tournaments England have suffered shootout eliminations, most notably Euro 96, where Gareth Southgate was himself once a member of the squad who famously missed a penalty against Germany.

“It’s something that we are considering – how we prepare best for penalty shootouts,” said Southgate.

“Whether that’s something on the training ground, whether that’s in sessions we do away from the training ground, or something we do in some sort of match scenario. We’ve not finalised that yet but clearly that (match situation) is an option.”

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