Athletics: Soon to retire athlete Greg Rutherford wants to try track cycling

Greg Rutherford announces his retirement and say Track Cycling is next
13 June 2018

Rutherford who won the London 2012 Olympic Long jump competition said 'persistent injuries' are the reason for retirement.


In a career that has lead him to World, Commonwealth Olympic and European glory Rutherford, 31, hopes to end his career at the European Championships in Berlin in August.

He said to BBC Radio 4: "My body is damaged when it comes to jumping but I can push a lot of power on a bike."

"I can currently sit on a bike and do a lot through that,"

"If possible I will do testing and give track cycling a go and then have a few more years in sport. I am under no illusions it will all work out though."

Rutherford new goals are to take part in track cycling

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