Conor McGregor praised by Lennox Lewis for his performance against Floyd Mayweather

After months of excitement, talking, and opinions coming from everywhere, "The Money Fight" is finally behind us and unsurprisingly won by Floyd Mayweather at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on August 26.
27 August 2017

Mayweather extended his professional record to 50-0, and it seems that the Conor McGregor win is the final diamond in his crown.

McGregor, on the other hand, made his professional debut on the night, and despite the expected defeat and its manner, he left some good impressions.

Former world heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis took it to Twitter to express his opinion about the clash.

"Conor kept it interesting, but he was outboxed and outclassed in the square ring. Nothing to be ashamed of tho. I like him even more now! ??"

A professional opinion expressing the reality itself.

In the comments below, Lewis and his followers take into account the factors that were key for McGregor's loss.

The zero boxing experience, combined with his muscular shape, are mentioned as the reason for Conor to get tired in the late rounds.

Still, Lewis believes that McGregor did good for a first fight in his career, and suggests that he needs more experience in order to be a decent match for the big names in boxing.

Lewis agreed with Conor that fatigue was the decisive factor for the outcome of the mega-fight, more than power and speed.

This high-profile recognition comes only a week after Lennox Lewis proclaimed the fight "a farce".

"No other boxers from 49 fights have figured out how to beat Mayweather - now a UFC fighter that doesn't even have a boxing career is trying to beat him at boxing - I think it's a farce to a certain degree.

"I don't think it is a fight that I am going to jump on a plane and go to see unless they pay me to commentate on it.".

Well, it looks like Lewis was right, but still, he seems to become a fan of the Irishman.

Who knows, maybe he will jump on the plane for Conor's next match, be it in the Octagon, or in the ring.

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