Commonwealth Games: Zharnel Hughes clashes with Jareem Richards in the home straight & loses gold medal

Zharnel Hughes hits 200m rival in face, loses gold medal
12 April 2018

ZHARNEL HUGHES had his Commonwealth Games 200m gold medal taken away from him after he was adjudged to have clashed with sprinter Jereem Richards.

In real time the 22-year-old seemingly lost balance but still managed to hold the lead ahead of Richards.

However, replays clearly show Hughes pushing his left arm out to try and regain balance, impeding the Trinidad and Tobago sprinter in the process.

Zharnel Hughes lost balance in the final 10m

Hughes headed out on his victory lap as the incident was still being investigated.

But news soon broke to leave the Englishman heartbroken that he had indeed been disqualified.

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