Allyson Felix reveals her fears of giving birth to daughter prematurely

Allyson Felix she gave birth to her little girl but kept it a secret from the world
21 December 2018

Allyson Felix, the Six-time Olympic champion has uncovered that she gave birth to her little girl two months prematurely into the world.

The American runner, 33, had not openly declared that she was pregnant.

Her little girl whom she named Camryn is still in a neonatal emergency unit however Felix said she is "ok".

"I'm so, so grateful," said Felix in a special she done for ESPN.

"Every day I sit with my daughter in the NICU and watch her fight. Every day she gets stronger and more beautiful."

Felix, who won a 200m gold at London 2012, said she ran twice in June 2018, running the 400m in 51 and 52 seconds while eight and nine weeks pregnant.

Felix included the weight of "trying to live up to" her "pristine nice girl image" added to her not reporting she was pregnant.

"Having a child felt like I'd be risking my career and disappointing everyone who expected me to always put running first," she said.

An emergency C-Section was needed after at a check-up revealed the baby's heart-rate was decelerating. Felix did however made plans to uncover her pregnancy but the emergency took it out of her hands, with Camryn born three pounds seven ounces.

"I didn't care if I ever ran track again, I was just praying that she would be OK," said Felix.

However, she said: "If I come back and I'm just not the same, if I can't make a fifth Olympic team, I'm gonna know that I fought, that I was determined, and that I gave it my absolute all."

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