James Dasaolu gets surgery on Achilles and says British public saved my career

Briton's no 2 sprinter of all time James Dasaolu says the public has "spared" his profession after a funding campaign helped him raise money for his surgery
11 December 2018

James Dasaolu who was unfunded suffered an Achilles injury a month ago and was told he needed emergency surgery if he is to get any opportunity of returning for the 2020 Olympics.

In an interview with BBC Sport he said "Without the contributions I wouldn't have been able to continue in the sport,"

"The British public have saved my career because without their support I wouldn't have been able to afford the surgery," he said.

"I'm truly overwhelmed by the support from them and also my team-mates."

With an individual best of 9.91 seconds second to the most succesful British sprinter of all time Linford Christie, Dasaolu lost his funding due to not being able to advance past the semi-finals at Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

A large group of individual British track competitors have given to his battle and donated more than £13,500.

Dasaolu says medical procedure is just the initial phase in his recuperation and expectations the raising support will proceed as he focuses on the £25,000 it is evaluated will be required to pay for the aftercare, which will guarantee he can come back to activity.

"Surgery was the first obstacle which I have manage to overcome with the help of the public," the two-time European champion said. "The next stage will be rehabilitation stage.

"I'm very optimistic going into the operation."

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