Dina Asher-Smith wants track glory over fame

“Ultimately I want to just get stronger, get faster and be the best athlete I can be,”
27 November 2018

Modest track and field star Dina Asher-Smith does not regard herself as famous according to an interview she done with The Telegraph. After having her best year to date in Athletics the European Champion and Britain’s fastest woman says, “I can get on the Tube [in London] fine. Of course I get on the Tube. How else am I going to get around? I get recognised now and again, but not really if I have my headphones in. That's my barometer. I can get on public transport with no problem.”

2018 has been somewhat of a record breaking year for Dina as she became the first women in British history to complete the European treble over the sprinting distances, as well as winning numerous awards in the sports world. She has appeared on multiple TV shows including Jonathon Ross which has an average viewer reach of 2 million people.

At the tender age of 22 years old Dina, has not only appeared next to some of the world’s greatest Athletes, she has also been a model at Paris Fashion week, but not resting on her achievements Asher-Smith is looking ahead to become a better all-round athlete.

“Ultimately I want to just get stronger, get faster and be the best athlete I can be,” she says.

“Whether or not I performed well or broke PBs this year wouldn't have changed that. It hasn't changed my approach at all.”

For Asher-Smith it’s not about fame but more about being the best athlete she could possibly be, and for most 22 year olds who finish their seasons as joint fastest, fame is usually something they look forward too.

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