British boxing legend Frank Bruno admits he thought he was going to die

Bruno is now recovering at home and has been told to rest for two weeks
11 March 2019

English boxing legend Frank Bruno has uncovered he was 'fearing the worst' after being hit down with pneumonia a week ago.

The 57-year-old was hospitalized on Sunday night and into long stretches of Monday morning.

In a meeting with The Sunday Mirror, Bruno has detailed a point by point account on how he attempted to breathe in but suffered extreme difficulty.

'It was awful – and for a few moments I was fearing the worst,' he said.

'I couldn't catch my breath and the more I tried, the more pain I was in. I was not sure if it was my heart or I had broken a rib.'

He added: 'I can only thank God I was taken there (to hospital) so quickly. If I hadn't it could have been a whole lot worse.'

Bruno was taken to medical clinic by a companion following a Meet-and-Greet with fans in Bristol and Guiseley.

The former heavyweight title holder still made a trip north to west Yorkshire on Sunday in spite of the pain he was feeling.

He said 'I first started to feel bad last Saturday, but I was meeting fans in Bristol and didn't want to let anyone down,'

'I'll be listening to the doctors from now on.'

He was determined to have the contamination in the two lungs and is presently recouping at home taking drugs.

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