Adrien Broner challenges Manny Pacquiao when talk of Mayweather comes up

Pacquiao had been linked with fight with Amir Khan and Floyd Mayweather
19 November 2018

Manny Pacquiao now 39 years old, will face Adrien Broner on 19 January in Las Vegas. It had been rumoured that Pacquiao was going to face Floyd Mayweather in what would have been a rematch to avenge his loss from 2015 when the pair previously met.


Talking at a public interview in New York, Pacquiao stated: “I want to entertain people and give a good show on 19 January … I want to fight the greatest fighters and greatest opponents in the world and one of them is Adrien Broner.”

Pacquiao was granted the WBA welterweight crown by stopping Lucas Mattysse in the seventh round of their battle in Kuala Lumpur in July. That was his first knockout since 2009 and the Filipino enhanced his record to 60 wins, seven thrashings and two draws, yet is 5-5 in his last 10 proficient challenges.

Broner, a previous super-featherweight, lightweight, light-welterweight and welterweight world title holder, was once viewed as the beneficiary to Mayweather. The American's speed and power conveyed him to a 27-0 record, however he has since lost his direction and has endured three thrashings in his last 10 trips.

“I’m really thankful. There were a lot of people who wanted this fight and God blessed me to get it. I guess I am just the chosen one,” said Broner. “He’s a future hall-of-famer. It’s going to be a helluva fight. All the things he’s done in this game is unbelievable. I have only got a chance y’all could dream of, I don’t even know how I’m feeling right now. It means a lot to me. A win, I turn a legend overnight.”

In any case, Broner protested as Pacquiao clarified how a rematch with Mayweather failed to be agreed. “He ain’t fighting Floyd, he’s fighting me. I’m gonna beat your ass, you worry about Floyd, he’s already beat you brother,” said Broner. “Fuck the money, I know when I win this fight, there is more money to come. Excuse my language but this ain’t Nickelodeon, this is pay-per-view.”


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