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Darren Till failed in his bid to be the second Brit to win UFC world championship.

American Tyron Woodley had other plans as he produced a submission move to ensure this dream will not happen in Texas.

Woodley put an end to all pundits and fans suggestions that he’s a tepid champion and floored Till with a right hand early in the second.

Woodley agressivley began working on his ground and pound against Till’s face then found a way to lock him in a d’arce choke and forcing the tap out.

Till is a brash-talking, come-forward fighter who likes to pressure, to intimidate. Woodley likes to back up and counter only when absolutely necessary – usually.

Here, he came out full of intent and aggression. He threw the first flurry, was hunting takedowns and moving around the cage.

The first round belonged to Woodley, but it was in the second where he reminded audiences exactly what he’s capable of.

In the past he’s seemed content to cruise to easy decision wins. Not here. He hurt Till and poured it on, landing heavy elbows and nasty punches from top control.

It was a fighter’s performance, as opposed to an athlete’s performance.

"Tyron was the better man. I'm gutted. I'll be back stronger," said Till.

"It just really, really hurts."

This fight was a perfect example of an old dog teaching a brash Scouse pup a few lessons as to the nature of the fight game, and it was all the more impressive for how surprising Woodley’s performance seemed.

Till on the other hand, showed disappointingly little apart from remarkable toughness and grace in defeat.

At no point was he able to impose his height or length on the smaller guy, and, damningly, he threw two significant punches through the contest.

He still has huge promise – his stuffing of Woodley’s takedowns and defense on the ground meant he once again did not look out of his depth with the best fighter in the division, but he will need to round out his game from what appears to be a kickboxing-heavy style to start fulfilling his obvious potential.

"He's a tough kid," said Woodley. "My coach told me I've got to be ready to go all the way in. I was just taking my time - I saw he wasn't going away easy and took my time to get the job done.

"This feels pretty awesome. I don't believe in ring rust, but I've been away for 14 months."


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