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Mutaz Barshim Says he wants the world record

Why Will Mutaz Barshim Break the World Record
02 May 2019

Mutaz Barshim was a world-record away from changing the High Jump game.

With the number 1 golden goal on his checklist being breaking the world record in high jumping, here’s why Mutaz Barshim is bound to do so:

1.He overjumps his target heights

It seems like every time Mutaz goes for the jump, it’s an episode of Man vs. Bar. Mutaz has evolved to master space, time and every other law that lies in between. To us, it may seem like rocket science to us but to Mutaz, it’s basic numbers; go fast, go high, now fly.

2.He’s been making history all year long

If you’ve been trying to reach Mutaz lately, you probably realized that his line is quite busy. That’s because he’s been on a gold-streak, claiming titles up, up and away! With 6 gold medals in his back-pocket, including the IAAF Diamond League stages and the World Championships, Mutaz has skyrocketed his way into the High Jump Hall of Fame.

Mutaz Barshim in Birmingham Diamond League

3.He never backs out of a challenge

Of course, being catapulted into the air without a parachute can produce some rough landings. Mutaz however was empowered by the challenge. Despite a back injury, he was able to bag the bronze at the 2012 Olympics and the silver at the 2013 world championships. Not all heroes wear capes, this one just defies gravity.

4.Record-breaking is his hobby

Breaking records is casual pastime for Mutaz. Just this season, he went record shopping twice; at Oslo and Birmingham. And It’s only a matter of time before he smashes the record of all records. Mutaz has created a benchmark for High Jump, setting the bar quite high, literally.


If you’ve been thinking of taking on gravity, then you should do it the Mutaz Barshim way. Once Mutaz launches, he taps into his trusty jet-pack to rise above the bar, the scoreboard and all our expectations. He’s not really an astronaut. He’s a track and field athlete, his name is Mutaz Barshim and he’s made us all question the existence of gravity.

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