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Is your food electric and why organic is best?

The building blocks of our bodies is not in what we do with them but more of the quality of the food we eat.

We need the energy to perform our day to day activities and to do this, we need a good source of energy-giving food. 

After we have worked out, we need rest and our bodies need to recover from the exhaustion from the exercises we did at the gym. We need protein and vitamins to repair tissues in our bodies. All I’m saying is, a balanced diet is crucial to all people regardless of age.

People do a variety of things daily, to ensure this is a success, humans need food that keeps them firm throughout the day, hence able to perform these activities. People eat different kinds of food depending on what they hope to achieve in the end. Many people eat more because they do more work throughout the day, while others eat more because they want to add weight.

There are however, those who look to reduce weight, hence they have a different kind of diet, all these lead to the difference in the diet most people eat.

Now we are fully aware of the importance of diet to our bodies, one should ensure that they have enough energy in their system to be able to perform their day-to-day activities. A balanced diet should be the goal of ones daily feeding, we should be ensuring that we eat well.

A good meal is a balanced diet, a balanced diet comprises all the required elements to achieve to best levels for our bodies.

Our bodies need a variety of foods for different functions in our bodies, as we have seen, contrastive food groups have different roles.

Is organic food is the best way to go? 


The body breaks down organic food naturally. They comprise of fruits and vegetables and they provide the body with vitamins, minerals and plant compounds.

People should consider organic food in that it equips the body with the necessary vitamins to help them with body repairs and offer the required minerals in the correct ratio the body needs.

The best part of organic food is the fruits. These should be part of every persons diet since it provides vitamins necessary for repair and recovery. People who do a lot of hard work or those working out should include a variety of fruits in their diet to provide essential to repair damaged and aid building new muscles.

With all the diet issue, one should ensure that they purchase the necessary food that is in line with their daily activities. There are several diet problems where people eat enough and yet they are not able to perform their activities. This may be because they are consuming the wrong food.

Our bodies need to recover from working, it cannot do this without food. Organic foods in our diet assist with the immunity boost which is especially required in the winter months.

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