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about Nuffin'Long

Nuffin’ Long TV is the world’s first health and fitness magazine for people of colour. We aim to build a community to help you take good care of yourself. With all the health and fitness magazines out their in the world we recognised the lack of representation for people of colour.  With all our health and fitness goals we understand that we as people of colour have different nutritional values, behavioral habits and social challenges.

Nuffin’Long TV has a  reach of over 10 million people each month across all platforms.

Who are we?

Nuffin’ Long TV is a place where fitness meets culture made up of a team of individuals from diverse and inclusive backgrounds. Founded in 2008 we have been at the forefront of elite performance and fitness. 

We aim to bring people together through the very fabrics that break down barriers. Our strapline ‘Together we’re Stronger’ symbolises our movement.

Our Mission

To build a community and promote inclusion within health and fitness industry. We are an online fitness and lifestyle magazine promoting Black and Minority Ethnic fitness and lifestyle from around the world. Everything we do is geared at building together a diverse and inclusive community to create a greater impact in shaping the lives of others.

Our Vision

At Nuffin’Long TV we aim to become the most used resources to bridge the gap between the hidden and discovery; to be the hub where people come to discover people doing amazing things with their athletic abilities and stories to the world. We aim to educate and share knowledge to help the members of our communities overcome any battles that they may have within the industry.

Our Values

To achieve the mission of togetherness, we believe that bringing a stage of undiscovered stories that may get overlooked whatever your ethnic group, disability, sexuality or gender, we want to hear your story. We laud those at the ‘bottom’ as much as those at the ‘Top’. This has forged into the companies’ culture as what we have found through all the years of speaking to elite talents at any level, is that it took a team to help them establish their goals.

Togetherness is key: Greatness is achieved with togetherness, we strive to be strong by working with a wider community.
Ability is subjective: No one person’s athletic ability is greater even if they have achieved more.
Mind over matter: An amazing mental is just as athletic as the physical as they both need exercising to achieve a desired goal.