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Why a Fitness Mindset Matters

Adapting a fitness mindset will help you to stick with a workout program.

There is often a reason and target for engaging in any fitness activity. This could be just to strengthen a particular muscle in your body, tone or just get into shape.

Due to lots of daily engagements it’s easy for us to find another reason not to keep up with smooth fulfillment of all fitness targets.  But what is the actual problem?

As a person who is often busy, it may be a case that you’ve listened to podcasts, purchased new clothes, spoke to a few personal trainers or even set goals for yourself. Yet you try to start but something keeps holding you back from implementing the bright exercise intentions.

I believe you need to reconstruct, as in make changes to a corner of your mind that helps you keep putting things off and only then you may now bother about why a fitness mindset matters.


Commonly, the excuse you may give yourself is; I am too busy and hammering on series of vital obligations you stand-by.

With all said, what if the main issue affecting you isn’t really time management, or rather is it just a detest for sweating as well as total readiness and right mindset?

Believe me, there is high possibility that all the stumbling blocks are just your mindset.

What do we actually mean by mindset? It has various definitions, but according to Brian Grasso the author of “Mindset matters most”, it refers to the stories you do tell yourself about your own self.

Obviously, the study of mindset or simply the mind began several years ago, and then Asian martial-arts that are quite serious are based on study of the mind according to Jeremy Hunter.

With recent study on behavioral change, the techniques of mindset-shifting have assisted in correcting lots of improper conditions like addiction and depression etc. Can both still help the young adults in eschewing fear and then kick-starting  steady workouts?

Yes! But, the change exists in different stages. Prior to delving into the heart of mindset, the knowledge of change is very vital which is clarified by a model of change known as TTM i.e. transtheoritical model. Even though some books have stated that change is rapid like happening overnight for you to drop an old behavior and pick up a new one such as exercising instead of sleeping.

TTM stated that change is a process with multiple of stages. So, if you have been finding it difficult to begin any fitness program previously, then the first thing you need do now is to figure out the place your head has been kept.

The 6 stages identified by this model for behavioral change includes:

Pre contemplation: refers to you not been able to recognize the need for a change and then possibly resist it.

Contemplation: the understanding of the need for a change.

Preparation: here you are set to take an action and then start planning.

Action: deals with implementation of your plan.

Maintenance: combination of the whole of your gains in the change process.

Termination: your new adopted behavior now becomes an habit.

The process seems linear but you can skip from a specific stage to another one and then go back to different times before getting to the termination stage.

For instance if you may begin a fitness workout, attend only few classes, then stop, then avoid exercising for a short time. So see this as failure but this is all part of the model.

You have to still learn what works for you, although working this way could seem pointless. The thought you have about your own behavior matters a lot in your ability to make a change, alongside the fact that you can change your words in order to help change your mindset.

Explaining further, to record success in the aspect of fitness, people should expect that their progress to be nonlinear at times. Even if you fail in the course of fitness, see it as what you have to pass through as part of the process but reorient yourself to try harder while sticking with the new program and you would definitely be fine.

The lines of advice you need to keep up with are that, take the right action at the right time and make the plans you’re much ready to implement, in the sense that you can be able to exercise when you hope to and resultantly gain your fitness.

As humans, we like pleasurable things just like everyone will prefer seeing a movie rather than jog. But that has to change, better still, make an aspect of work that interests you to be your strength of fitness and let the new habit of work out become part of you that you get to miss when it is not done. Get your mind right as The right mindset matters!

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