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Top tips on how to sprint faster

Have you ever wanted to know how to run faster?
When it comes to sprinting, every millisecond matters. The difference between a top athlete running 100 metres in 11 seconds and ten seconds is absolutely huge.
Therefore, the decisions you make within a sprint all have a big impact on your overall result.

Let’s take a look at the top tips on how to improve your sprint times with some simple changes:

1. Warm up

It is important to warm up for any form of exercise, but even more so for sprinting. The harder you push your body, the more you need to warm it up beforehand.

As sprinting takes you from nought to one hundred in just a few seconds, it is pivotal that your body is warmed and stretched before you set off.

You should enjoy a five or ten minute gentle jog before a sprint, including some dynamic exercises and stretches.

2. Posture

One of the most important aspects of sprinting is your posture. Your torso should be straight, your shoulders relaxed, your chest lifted, and your core engaged.

Your jaw should remain loose and you should be powering your legs while driving your arms.

3. Landing

You should be aiming to land on your forefoot, before pushing off from your toes into the next stride.

While doing this, keep your feet flexed upwards and attempt to land softly.

4. Short strides

Longer, stretching strides are a waste of your vital time and energy. These long strides often create more vertical energy, rather than the horizontal force you are looking for.

Focus on short and powerful strides, which should increase your efficiency.

5. The Gear

Investing in some lightweight running shoes and tight-fitting running clothes can also shave some time off your next sprint.

The idea is to reduce drag caused by baggy clothes, to keep your body as light as possible, and to promote a smooth transfer of energy across your feet.


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