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TAFI Meeting Round-Up and To-Do List

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Dear Team,

Thank you all for your participation in our recent TAFI Awards planning =
meeting. Below is a summary of the key points discussed and the correspondi=
ng to-do list.

Please review and take note of the assigned tasks and meeting notes.

Meeting Summary:

Mission Statement: Joel will detail a clear and concise=
mission statement for the TAFI Awards.
Event Date Check: Karen or Lorna will check dates at the end of September/beginning of O=
ctober for any other award shows and events to avoid scheduling conflicts.Award Categories: We need to decide on the categories=
to be included. Everyone will participate in this decision. Michael will c=
reate initial notes in the event plan document to start the discussion.
PR Team Videos: Joel will send video examples of the typ=
e of events the PR team can produce.

Holiday Dates:
Lorna: 21st July – 4th August
Michael: 15th July – 21st July

If anybody else has summer vaction or days of unavailabilities planned p=
lease inform us so we can add it to the diary.

Brand Guidelines and Logo: Michael will provide b=
rand guidelines and logo examples.
Ambassador Sourcing: Everyone should suggest names of potential ambassadors who align with ou=
r brand principles.
Event Plan Refinement: Michael wi=
ll refine the event plan, incorporating all discussed points and providing =
a detailed outline of the show.

Next Meeting Agenda Topics:

Event Delivery
Securing Sponsorship
PR Team Updates
Branding Bits
Any Other Business (AOB)

Action Item: Please send your av=
ailability for the next meeting so we can schedule it accordingly.

Thank you for your commitment and collaboration. Let’s make the TAFI Awa=
rds a memorable and impactful event!

Michael & Joel

Track and Field Inclusion Awards (TAFI =

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