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Top tips to increase your endurance and stamina

To run for longer and faster, you must first look at increasing your endurance and stamina.
Once you start running, the next battle is to improve your endurance and stamina. The better these become, the longer you can run for and the more effort you can put into this run without burning out.
The process of building endurance means that a distance you find near impossible today will become easy in the future if you keep training and improving.

However, a stamina and endurance increase only comes from dedicated training and consistent exercise. So, let’s take a look at our top tips to achieve just this.

1. Run further and run for longer

To increase your endurance, you must increase the time you are running for and the distance you are covering. The idea is to make small changes in order to slowly acclimatise your body to the change, making the progress far more effortless.

The idea increases to make are 5-10 minutes of extra running time or 0.8-1.6 km extra per run.


2. Consistancy

To increase your aerobic capacity, run further, and exercise for longer, you must train consistently. This means making running a steady part of your daily/weekly routine.

You should be aiming for three or four running sessions per week, with each lasting at least 30 minutes.

The remaining days should be used as rest days in order to recover.


3. Temp runs

This technique involves running faster for shorter distances. This trains your body to clear the lactic acid far quicker, allowing you to beat fatigue for longer.

Not only this, but your natural running pace will feel like a breeze compared to the short sprints.

4. Eating Right

Endurance running calls for lots of carbs.

You should be looking to make carbohydrates 55% to 65% of your total calorie intake per day.

Have a carb-based meal before a long run and increase your carbohydrate levels if you are feeling tired.

5. Running more economically

Ensure that your running form is as perfect as it can be, thus making your run more efficient energy wise.


Run tall and ensure that your foot is landing under your centre of gravity.

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