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Why is sprinting good for you

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Sprinting — some love the word and some hate it.

Sprinting, a high-intensity workout, increases the rate of metabolism.

This leads to ultimate fat loss because you will continue to burn calories hours after your workout is finished. Sprinting burns fat, increases muscle building, and contributes to an overall lean physique.

Sprinting tones your abdominal muscles quickly and effectively.

Have you ever noticed the killer six-packs that most Olympic runners have? A good core can be built through sprinting. Because sprinting increases your rate of metabolism, this burns that extra layer of fat and tones the abdominal muscles underneath. Abs can be worked 57 to 60 times every 100 meters, which means the more power and control you put forth, the more toned your core can become.

Sprint interval training improves aerobic conditioning in less time than regular running.

When you do sprint intervals from 6 to 60 seconds, the same benefits are similar to other cardio exercises; however, they are achieved much faster. This increases endurance, which then enables you to have tougher and longer workouts.

Sprinting can boost your mood and improve your brain function.

Everyone knows the benefits that any type of exercise can bring, but because sprinting is high intensity, higher levels of lactic acid are created, which means more endorphins that are being released in your body. Endorphins equal happier and feel-good moods.

Furthermore, studies have shown that compared with lower-intensity running, sprints were associated with better short-term learning success and retention of learned material.

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