Saturday, 16 September 2017 12:09

GGG vs Canelo: Anthony Joshua, Kell Brook and Carl Froch give their predictions

Written by Sky Sports
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Gennady Golovkin faces Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez this weekend in a middleweight super-fight and the experts have made their predictions...

'GGG' and 'Canelo' will collide in a Las Vegas showdown, with the WBC, IBF and WBA 'super' titles at stake, and two of the sport's finest fighters are expected to produce an epic encounter.

But will it be Golovkin or Alvarez, who is crowned middleweight king in the early hours of Sunday morning?

Carl Froch

Golovkin gets hit far too much - and I used to get hit too much - which is not always a bad thing, because you are putting yourself into position to retaliate and land your counter punches. Against 'Canelo', who is big and strong, he might come undone, because if he does not get Alvarez out of there, he could end up losing on points.

At some point, Golovkin has to go forward and land some telling shots. As soon as he starts connecting on Alvarez's chin, I reckon he will get an effect, so it's important that he lands quite a few shots early on, body and head.

I reckon 'GGG' vs 'Canelo' is going to be a great, close fight, and I have a feeling that 'Canelo' is going to win on points, because Golovkin gets hit too much.

Kell Brook

It's hard to say, but I am leaning towards 'Canelo'. He has excelled over the years; his variation, speed and his youth - everything is going to play a big factor on Saturday night. I still think I showed a blueprint on how to beat Golovkin and it was touch-and-go if he won the fight with Daniel Jacobs.

The game plan is definitely to box this guy at distance I would say, exchange at times, but get on your bike a lot of the time until the second half of the fight. That's what I would tell 'Canelo'.

I see 'Canelo' out-boxing him and getting 'GGG' frustrated. There will be exchanges at some stage, but I can see 'Canelo' surviving them, boxing clever and smart. He's been looking fantastic in training. I just see him beating him on points, producing a clinical win.

Anthony Joshua 

I'm 'Team Alvarez', 'Team Mexico'. I've loved Alvarez for a long time, I like GGG, but I do really like Alvarez. Long live 'Canelo'.

Young, a lot to achieve still, but he's achieved so much at a young stage. His attitude towards the sport, he doesn't disrespect it and he's a real ambassador, I love 'Canelo'. I love 'GGG' as well but before him I supported 'Canelo' and that's where my heart lies.

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