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Strong Black Women And Their Individual Approaches To Wellness

How strong black women promote wellness and self-care within the black community

Why strong black women and their individual approaches to wellness is important. I say this in all sincerity, I admired black women while growing up and observing some of our Mothers go the extra mile, through thick and thin to ensure there’s food on the table for the family.

What touches me the most is how careless and irresponsible some of the Fathers have become. Apologies to any Father offended, but this is not targeted at disrespecting the Fathers either.

Yeah, I know there are also responsible Fathers around, but I’m only sincere and dedicated to what we all know is playing out around our dear Mothers paying special prices daily, even for the survival of the entire family.

I truly admire our mothers, even black women.


Severe but funny enough, my admiration for the same is almost becoming an addiction.

Now, you may want to ask why black women?

One reason is that many black women I’ve encountered in my little life have learned and mastered the art of staying healthy, even while living in an environment that is strange or alien to their original habitation.

I couldn’t help but admire and learn from their enviable footsteps or approaches, even regarding wellness as a case study going forward.

Having said that much, I’ll quickly or perhaps briefly introduce to you ”a couple few black women” I truly consider as notable models that could guide you in that regard (i.e.wellnessstaying strong), even from their wealth of experience(s).

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