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The Problem With The Fitness Industry And What Needs To Change

Why the fitness industry needs to change and include more people of colour in its promo​

Well, you are not alone. This is a fact as all gyms look the same as those they are targeting and attracting. However, this is not a problem. The problem is that if you don’t fit this criterion, then you won’t be welcome. 

Recently, we have noticed that fitness is a lifestyle only the rich and the white can afford. Have you seen this too? Ever walked in a gym and noticed how similar everyone is with the same Lululemon tanks, compression leggings, and the latest Reebok kicks?

Elitism In The Fitness Industry 

Do you know much, the fitness industry is worth? It is worth more than £5 billion! People are now into fitness and wellness more than ever. However, there is a big gap here.

The prices are so high that only the rich can afford this lifestyle. Soccer moms drop their kids off to private schools and then go to the Soul Cycle class after grabbing their vegan green juice. 

Yes, this may be a stereotype, but only because it is true. Everyone wants to be healthy now, and the fitness industry is cashing on this mindset. Don’t believe us? Here are some facts for you:

  • Gym memberships are up to more than 10 million 
  • The average gym membership is around £40
  • In London, a gym membership can cost about £100 and even more
  • Individual gym classes are priced around £20 or more per hour
  • Going to a well-reputed spinning class or Bootcamp can cost you anywhere between £100 – £200

So, then how can people who earn less even begin to afford this lifestyle?

The Problem With The Fitness Industry And What Needs To Change

What The Fitness Industry Needs 

The problem is that people who own fitness gyms and studios all want to make lots of money. To do this, they specifically target people who have a high level of disposable income.  

So, of course, there will be a lack of diversity, exclusivity, and inequality. What it needs is representation. Did you know that, according to recent research, Asian and Black women are at the passive end of the physically active spectrum? 

This is because there is a barrier to them opting for a fitness lifestyle. There is no one to represent them. All gym owners and fitness instructors are predominantly white males and females. 

There is no space for people who belong to ethnic groups to participate too. This is why more fitness spaces are needed that embrace inclusivity. One area that is doing this right now is known as The Fore, and it is run by Hannah Panel. 

She realizes this problem of a lack of diversity, and her fitness space welcomes everyone from amateurs to professional athletes regardless of their background. 

Their main mantra is inclusivity and diversity. They want to celebrate this diversity and also make meaningful connections through their space.

Apart from that, they include diversity in their marketing campaigns, too, so that people know that her space is open to them to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Final Words 

The journey of the fitness industry becoming more diverse is a long one. However, people are now taking a step to eradicate this white-washing problem so that more people can be included in this wellness and healthy journey. 

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