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Sunday 20th Sep, 20



Summer running, had us a blast.

Gone are the brutal days of winter and the unpredictable days of spring. Summer running is where it's at. The long days and hot weather mean fewer layers and happier runners. So grab your shoes and hit your favorite road, route, or trail. It's time to get sweaty! (And it won't take very long!) Here are 10 reasons to love working up a sweat on the run this summer..

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1. It's light out when you wake up.
See ya later, dark o'clock morning runs! Now, when that too-early alarm sounds, the sun is actually waking up, too. Not having to run in the dark makes getting out of bed a whole lot easier. (Here are 7 Reasons to Run in the Morning, plus 10 Tips That'll Help You Finally Become a Morning Runner.)

2. And it's light out for the night runners, too.
Have no fear, the sun's still here! Forget the days of leaving work and entering a world of darkness. Now, you can leave the office, go home and change, and get your run in—all while it's still light out. (Consider these 6 Reasons to Run at Night.)

3. 'Tis the season for sports bra runs.
Too hot to wear a shirt? Ditch it! There are few things as freeing, empowering, and, well, comfortable as going for a jog sporting just a pair of shorts and a sports bra. (Try it. We dare you.)

4. Let's be honest: forearm sweat is pretty badass.
Everyone gets that mid-run upper lip sweat and chest sweat. But you know it's really toasty when your forearms start to show droplets of sweat. Embrace it.

5. You get branded as a runner with those tan lines.
Yes, the racer-back tan lines are inconvenient if you're a bridesmaid this summer and will be donning a strapless dress. But otherwise, those terrible tan lines you inevitably get from long summer runs—the sports bra tan, the shorts tan, the sock tan—have you branded for life. Or at least a few months until they fade or you can take a tropical vacation to even them out. (But still, always wear sunscreen!)

6. That post-run watermelon never tasted so good.
Gone are the days of craving a giant stack of pancakes or a big mug of hot chocolate after a run. Instead, we're reaching for all the watermelon we can find. It's sweet, it's refreshing, and it's super hydrating. We can't get enough. (Hungry? Make one of The Best Desserts for Runners.)

7. And that post-run shower never felt so refreshing.
Cold showers after hot runs. Bonus points if you keep an ice-cold glass of water within arms reach. (A post-run jump in the pool works equally well.)

8. All the local water fountains are on.
Remember when your local parks department turned the fountains off during the winter? They're all up and running now. Happy hydrating!

9. You can practically feel yourself getting stronger.
Fall PRs are made in the summer, right? For every hot, humid, OMG-I-want-to-die run you tackle this summer is another minute you'll shave off your personal record once the temperatures drop in a few months. (OK, we made that statistic up, but it's probably true.) Getting out the door and slogging through steamy miles now will make you appreciate those brisk fall runs even more.

10. The eye candy is infinitely better.
Shallow? Sure. Superficial? Totally. But we're only human, and we'd be lying if we didn't admit to enjoying the runner watching in the summer months. Shirtless marathoners-in-training? Don't mind if we do...

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