Tyson Fury compares himself to Ali & Says Joshua Has Weaknesses

Tyson Fury claims he is like Muhammed Ali and points out the weakness of Anthony Joshua.
27 November 2017

Former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury highlighted why he thinks he can beat Anthony Joshua, if they were to fight each other.

Since Fury has announced his return to ring action after his licence was revoked by The British Board of Boxing Control for failing a drugs test, him and Joshua have been going head to head on social media.

"To meet a fighter like myself who does have good footwork, does have good lateral movement, and can move on angles, that equals disaster.

"With me being knowledgeable about boxing and heavyweight boxing – I study it and I have done for many, many years – I understand how I have to beat these guys."

"To beat someone with those attributes it would be hard but someone of my ability can move, box, and twist, and all I would have to do is make him miss a bit," Fury said. "As we saw against Wladimir [Klitschko], he blew a gasket trying to land his punches.

"You just have to go back to [Muhammad] Ali and [George] Foreman – the big puncher against the big mover. I think boxing, especially heavyweight, is a chess match. More of a brains match rather than who is the strongest or quickest."

Fury made no haste in comparing himself to Ali, when talking about his footwork and the work which will need to be carried out to defeat Joshua.

What remains to be seen is what kind of form Fury will be in once he returns to the ring in 2018, but what we do now a potential battle of Britain is on the horizon should both fighters come out their next few fights unscaved.


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