Simone Biles: The four-time Olympic champion opens up about being abused by Larry Nassar

Larry Nassar abused me, says four-time Olympic champion
16 January 2018

Simone Biles says she was sexually abused by former Team USA gymnastics sports doctor Larry Nassar.

The four time Olympic champion Biles now 20 years old opened up about being abused by the team coach Nassar who was jailed in December 2017 for 60 years for possessing child sex abuse images.

Biles said in an emotional statement that she would not let Nassar "steal my love and joy".

On her Twitter wall Biles wrote "I too am one of the many survivors that was sexually abused by Larry Nassar,".

"Most of you know me as a happy, giggly and energetic girl. But lately I've felt broken and the more I try to shut off the voice in my head the louder it screams. I am not afraid to tell my story any more."

She added: "It is impossibly difficult to relive these experiences and it breaks my heart even more to think that as I work towards my dream of competing in Tokyo 2020, I will have to continually return to the same training facility where I was abused.

"I am unique, smart, talented, motivated and passionate. I have promised myself that my story will be much greater than this and I promise all of you that I will never give up.

"I love this sport too much and I have never been a quitter. I won't let one man, and the others that enabled him, to steal my love and joy."

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