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Exercising Whilst on Your Period

Why exercising on your period improves blood circulation in the pelvic area, meaning less menstrual pain.

One thing we all know is that periods are messy. 

Fatigue, bloating, headache, cramps, and upset stomach during the monthly menstrual cycle can be too much to handle.

Finding healthy ways to alleviate the above symptoms can be challenging, mainly when comfort food and aspirin call. More than half of women in the UK say that they stop exercising when they are on their period.

This is according to a research study carried out by Populus. Although it may be the last thing that you want to do when on your period, exercise is one of the best things that you should do when on your period.

Exercise will reduce cramps and the endorphins released will boost your mood. There are numerous workout regimes that you choose from during your cycle, such as dancing, jogging, walking, and yoga.

Below are a few tips that you can use to make exercising more manageable while on your period.


Change Your Routine

Your hormones affect your energy levels, and this means even if you had a well-crafted routine before your period, your abilities would be much different when you are on your cycle.

If you are used to high-impact workouts, you can switch to slower-paced activities such as pilates or yoga. swimming is also a reasonable period of exercise as it works your whole body while at the same time supporting your joints.

Pain Relief


Ninety percent of women suffer from menstrual pain; if you are not one of the lucky 10 percent, taking a pain reliever such as paracetamol 30 minutes before is a great way to prepare for a workout.

Research studies have shown that taking a pain reliever before exercise can help you lengthen the amount of time you spend working out and regulate your temperature.

Dress for Success

Fear of staining your gym gear or leaking is another reason why women avoid exercising during their periods.

make sure you change your protection (pads/tampons) before you start exercising so that you will feel as fresh as much as possible.

In case you are feeling self-conscious, wear dark colors and add an extra layer, for example, shorts over your leggings and a longer shirt for additional peace of mind.


Drinking less water does not help with water retention.

In fact, a majority of women drink more water during their cycle to flush everything out and to make sure that their digestive system is functioning at its optimum level.

Drink at least 2 litres every day, and more when you are working out to stay hydrated and healthy. Also, cut down on caffeine and salt to minimize bloating.

Don’t Be Afraid

If you are feeling motivated, capitalize on it with a high-intensity workout. HIITs are very effective during your period as they target your fat.

The balance of progesterone and estrogen means that the body’s fat stores are more easily accessible during your period, and thus you will get additional fuel to exercise more and feel the burn more effectively.

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