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How to Lose Weight Fast

The best at-home workouts don’t necessarily require a ton of equipment—or any equipment—other than your own bodyweight

Losing weight is almost everyone’s desire, but it requires determination and passion. We have lots of ways of losing weight, but choosing appropriate and safe ones are preferred over others. 

Most of the individuals go absolutely mad and start going for surgeries, taking pills, etc. Eating healthy food and doing essential exercises are the best approaches on how to lose weight fast. 

When you want to lose weight, keep one thing in mind; it is recommended to lose weight gradually because it is more likely to stay off. It is all right to lose weight fast, but it has to be done safely to avoid health-related issues. Shedding pounds all at once can make you lose muscle bone rather than losing fat.

Plate method – a perfect meal template for a quick and instant weight loss It is an effective method to lose weight quickly. All you need to do is manage your plate appropriately, and you will be able to decrease your weight at will. The plate method will give you the balance between your carbohydrates and calories.

How to use the plate method to lose your weight fast?

Plate size: As far as the plate method is concerned, the size of this plate is approximately 9 inches. Here is what the distribution of your plate will look like;
  • Half-plate with non-starchy veggies
Half of your plate must be filled with non-starchy veggies because they are an instant source of phytochemicals and dietary fibers. Both phytochemicals and dietary fibers play a decisive role in weight loss. Phytochemicals and dietary fiber can aid in overall digestion, which is necessary to keep a balanced diet in life. It is suggested to mix asparagus and salad in the half-plate in order to improve the taste of your plate.
  • Quarter plate of whole grains
Whole grains with skin on are considered to be very effective for weight loss. Gluten-free whole grains are readily available in the market, so make sure to use gluten-free whole grain because they aid in losing the weight.
  • Quarter plate of protein food
We all know protein gives the feeling of fullness, and they can keep you full for a longer period of time. Lean proteins are always preferred over other protein sources for people who want to decrease their weight. So, fill the quarter of your plate with protein food to lose your weight quickly. This plate-method can give you immediate results in terms of losing your weight. By managing this plate, you will be able to calculate the exact number of calories you are consuming in a day.

How to lose weight fast? Straightforward steps

These are some simple steps that you can follow to lose your weight immediately. It is paramount to lose your weight at a safe level because if you try to go for weight loss options at all once, there is a great chance of losing your shape and damaging your health. Follow these steps:
  • Eat protein in breakfast: Best breakfast is the one that can keep you keep you satisfied and stave off cravings. Eating a protein diet can give you a feeling of fullness by regulating appetite hormones. It leads to a decrease in hunger hormone ghrelin and an increase in satiety hormone GLP-1. Break is one of the crucial most meals of the day in terms of weight loss. Healthy choices as far as protein breakfast is concerned are eggs, oats, nuts, chia seed pudding, and etc.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables: Eating more vegetables can give your body the right kinds of calories. Almost all the vegetables are low in fat and high in calories, that is required to lose weight fast. You’ll get fiber and water out of vegetables that will satisfy your appetite without giving you any sort of fat. According to Australian’s healthy weight week (AHWW), if someone is up to “how to lose weight fast?” eating fresh vegetables can give the required edge.
  • Eat spicy foods: You should be astonished to see this point here, but it is a fact. Spicy foods like jalapeno and cayenne peppers have a compound named capsaicin, which can increase the ability of the body to release stress hormones. By releasing stress hormones, it is easy to burn calories at will.
  • Drink coffee: In order to lose weight fast, drinking coffee is one of the best things you can do, if not the best. Caffeine is a natural source of antioxidant, and it does have natural diuretic. The natural diuretic can protect the body cells from damage. According to American dietary guidelines, drinking 400 mg of coffee per day is recommended to lose weight.
  • If you’re not a coffee lover and you love having tea instead of coffee, the tea can get the job done as well. A recent study suggested that those who green-tea drinkers tend to burn an additional 70 calories per day.
  • Cut back on carbs: Cutting back on carbs can decrease your hunger level, and you will eventually end up eating less. In order to lose weight, make sure to decrease your insulin level, which can happen by cutting down carbs and starches. As the insulin level goes down, the kidneys start shedding excess sodium and water.
  • Skip sugary & carbonated beverages: Carbonated beverages are like poison for the human body, and we consume these beverages with fondness. A normal carbonated beverage has in excess of 180 kcal, which is huge. In order to have the same number of calories, you may require to eat a bowl full of fresh salad. So, cut the carbonated beverages and sugary drinks off from your diet to decrease your weight quickly.


Remember one thing; there is no shortcut to weight loss. It has to be a gradual process, and one needs to be patient with losing his/her weight. All you need to do is eat a nutritious diet along with some physical activity and exercises. So, are you ready to lose your weight?

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